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!Friendica Support I've just noticed that the option to save / follow hashtags I've searched for is gone - at least in Frio. Haven't checked other themes yet.
I'd really like to have it back though

When I play with the custom settings I come to this conclusion:
The + button is using the 'navigation bar bg' color. That's wrong.
The 'compose new post' button is using the 'link' color settings instead. This should be the correct and intended behavior.

bye bye
Farewell O rover, we hardly knew ye!


starring competition

One of the most beautiful encounters I had with owls since I'm in Sweden now, that one was so curious! After it first flew away, it came back even closer after a few minutes and allowed me to take a couple of shots and also some videos 😀
#bird #glaucidium-passerinum #pygmy-owl #pyrenean #sperlingskauz #vögel #wildlife #fotografie #foto #photo #photography #mywork #myphoto #wildlifescenes


Ah oui, supprimez les gel douches, utilisez la savonnette, dans le ménage, il y a le vinaigre, les cristaux de soude ( carbonate de sodium, le bicarbonate de soude, pas cher, et redoutablement efficace.

@Lyz Lach'lanTiens donc, nous demeurons à des milliers de km et avons le même problème.
Après avoir laissé reposer un verre d'eau, ce n'est plus le chlore qu'il sent, mais un espèce de solvant et l'eau du robinet me fait aussi dégueuler. C'est le 1er logement que j'habite où du robinet est imbuvable et rend malade.
Ce n'est certainement pas du chlore que ton nez sent, mais je ne sais pas ce que c'est.
J'ai même fait venir le type qui s'occupe du traitement de l'eau à la ville, il m'a confirmé que l'eau lui donnait des coliques peu après en avoir bu devant moi.
Il a blâmé les vieux tuyaux d'aqueducs dans mon secteur, mais que ça coûterait des millions à réparer...
J'ai beau la laisser couler pendant 10 minutes avant d'en tirer un contenant comme il m'a recommandé de faire, mais pfff ça n'y change rien.
Alors, je me fais livrer des contenants retournables/réutilisables de 16 litres.


Iceland Set To Make Major Changes To Law Affecting Trans, Intersex And Non-Binary People - The Reykjavik Grapevine

The draft of a bill currently being prepared for Parliament would make several long-overdue changes to Icelandic law regarding trans, intersex and non-binary people. Grapevine spoke with two of the people who helped craft the legislation, who see it as a tremendously positive step that could put Iceland well ahead of the pack in these areas.

The draft in question, which is to be submitted by the Prime Minister at an as yet undetermined time, covers numerous facets of gender identity.
#trans #transgender #legislation #Iceland
Iceland Set To Make Major Changes To Law Affecting Trans, Intersex And Non-Binary People

I have absolutely no sense of direction. I wonder if they’re wandering around out there.

Soon, astronauts won’t be the only crew members aboard the International Space Station. Astrobee, a free-flying robot 🤖, will head to our orbiting laboratory to assist the crew with everything from housekeeping to maintenance. Find out more in the latest episode of #SpaceToGround:

...and we gave them names and we gave them brains made out of silicon and we pretended they were people and we told them hey you wanna go exploring, and of course they did, because we had made them in our own image...

This is fucking obscene.

"Amazon, the ubiquitous purveyor of two-day delivery of just about everything, nearly doubled its profits to $11.2 billion in 2018 from $5.6 billion the previous year and, once again, didn’t pay a single cent of federal income taxes."

"The company’s newest corporate filing reveals that, far from paying the statutory 21 percent income tax rate on its U.S. income in 2018, Amazon reported a federal income tax rebate of $129 million. For those who don’t have a pocket calculator handy, that works out to a tax rate of negative 1 percent. The fine print of Amazon’s income tax disclosure shows that this achievement is partly due to various unspecified 'tax credits' as well as a tax break for executive stock options."

"This isn’t the first year that the cyber-retailing giant has avoided federal taxes. Last year, the company paid no federal corporate income taxes on $5.6 billion in U.S. income."
Amazon in Its Prime: Doubles Profits, Pays $0 in Federal Income Taxes
...while not really a good thing for the US, it's all legal. Tax loopholes are created for companies like this, likely to prevent them from moving overseas. It only hurts the US.

"President Trump on Friday morning officially announced that he will sign a national emergency order so that he can redirect $8 billion to extend barriers on the country’s southern border. In a dark, rambling speech, he asserted that there is an 'invasion' of the country 'with drugs, with human traffickers, with all types of criminals and gangs'."

"But he undermined his own contention that there actually exists a dire and urgent need for the extraordinary declaration. 'I could do the wall over a much longer period of time', Trump said during his free-wheeling speech. 'I didn’t need to do this'. That statement will be 'plaintiffs’ Exhibit A', constitutional scholar Elizabeth Goitein said in a tweet."

Trump Declares National Emergency, Calling Gov’t Border Drug Stats ‘Lies’

Tweet via
If he weren't buying what they're bringing over, maybe he'd stop making statements like this...

The most recent episode of The Orville (S2E7) is ... such an obvious statement about anti-LGBT prejudice. I truly can't imagine anyone missing the point of the Moclan storyline. Don't get me wrong, I still enjoyed the episode. But it was far from subtle in its disapproval of the Moclan culture, and by extension, our own anti-gay religious cultures.

#culture #lgbt #lgbtqia #homophobia #bigotry


All of Chewbacca's dialogue from 'Star Wars'

#StarWars #SciFi #comic

@Martin Pluntke Panel 4 has always been a little controversial

Fuck the yellow peril (har 😉.. It sucks because t is a boring peace of nonsensical, unfunny crap.....


Time machine.

Of a sort.

#science #geography #paleohistory


How To Get #Vaccinated Without Your #Parent's Permission

A #vaccination can save your #life. Simple as. But a number of young #people are being denied the opportunity of being immunized because of their parent’s hostility towards vaccinations. While the " #anti- vax movement" remains totally discredited by #science, there has been a hugely damaging resurgence of these ideas in the age of #so... Show more...
Like any #medical treatment, receiving a #vaccine should only be undertaken if the #patient has a full understanding of the #procedure.

"a fully informed public".


The assholes are the people who keep these fine beings in cages.

"The potential to deliver 'one shot cures' is one of the most attractive aspects of gene therapy, genetically-engineered cell therapy and gene editing. However, such treatments offer a very different outlook with regard to recurring revenue versus chronic therapies," analyst Salveen Richter wrote in the note to clients Tuesday. "While this proposition carries tremendous value for patients and society, it could represent a challenge for genome medicine developers looking for sustained cash flow."
For fuck's sake.
This year, with your chronic illness you'll give the gift of sustained cash flow to one lucky developer... please... help make a difference... call now!

Capitalism is incompatible with human survival.

New research finds aluminum in vaccines causes behavioral issues.
#aluminum #vaccine #health #naturalnews


Yes, @Roy Gardiner , we can see exactly Proteus and Valentine ...😉😉


An unofficial guide to MySQL query optimization.

By the product manager for MySQL at Oracle. Partly as a bookmark for myself, but really, anyone who uses MySQL at all should understand how its optimization works, including how it uses indexes, so that you can make the SQL-backed applications you use — whether you wrote them yourself or not — Not Suck.

#code #sql
#code #sql

#Spring is here 🌻

I have not seen any primroses yet over here

Some are wide open (optimistics), some are still closed (pessimistics) and others are risking some little petals.

Among friends...

By Wu Ming Lam.

#Photo #Caturday

chicken looks on in amusement at the weird things these humans do, ingesting smoke. cat maintains guard on hopes of food.

i think she does not smoke - she is eating with sticks and in her hand is a bowl of hot food


comment l as tu reconnu...on voit que ces pieds ;)
je sais je sais, tu fais la meme chose pour un grimpeur connu, je peux te dire qui c'est ;)

J'ai put visionné depuis mon ordinosaure 😀
ça claque !

Apparently Roger Stone couldn't keep his mouth shut and pushed his luck too far.

Poisoning the jury pool.

Well good! Truthfully, I haven't followed anything Stone's done or said so I just don't know.

Although this is satire, it's really hard to differentiate from reality. ... Show more...
It's been that way since he announced his candidacy.

If one of his tv stations mentioned this, he'd be all over it like white on rice. He'd blame the founding fathers and every constitutionalist after them. If he ever had an original idea of his own, his very existence might be nullified immediately.


U.S. Agency Tightens Immigration Rules To Spotlight Child Marriage


#news #npr #publicradio #usa


The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services released new rules for officers to identify visa petitions in which spouses are minors. No minimum age requirement for such requests currently exists.

(Image credit: Wilfredo Lee/AP)

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Hey everyone, I’m #newhere. Thanks for the invite,!

Looking forward to learning more about the craft and skill of writing.

Welcome to Diaspora*

Hey everyone, I’m #newhere. I’m interested in #art-and-creativity and #muisc.

Welcome to Diaspora*

The average human brain has about 100 billion neurons (or nerve cells) and many more neuroglia (or glial cells) which serve to support and protect the neurons.
#medicine #science

then it gets really wow when you learn how many connections there are.

then it gets daunting when we learn how many connections we lose, naturally pruned as we age, or more severe losses when we expose ourselves to various substances or actions (or inactions).

then it gets partly encouraging when learning some of the things that can be done to keep our brains healthy, and how adaptive the brain is to coping with such losses.

but still... there's much to learn, much to mend, much evolutionary neglect to overcome.

Most awesome is the fact that new neurons and connections grow as well.

#hola a tod@s!
Como parte de mi transformación individual, aquí me tenéis en diaspora*.
¿5 etiquetas? Lo intentaré:
Preocupado por: #ecologia y justicia e igualdad globales.
Caminando, también como novedad, por la #uned , en #ingenieriamecanica ... vieja batalla ya por otra parte.
Humilde apasionado de #arduino , que en su día me abrió el camino hacia el diseño libre.
Escrito desde nuestro #linux ^^

Hay que pasar la información, para despertar a muchos mas

Bienvenido a las redes libres.

My first post here, come find me #newhere #GPlusrefugee

#GPlusrefugee 's just popping in here left and right today! That's a good thing!


Welcome to the free side of the net 😀