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The Hexa manned multirotor: It’s real, and you can fly it


Easily Distracted...

Well my productivity for the day finished up dropping through the floor! LOL
Better luck tomorrow I guess.


More Than Half Tech Workers Work In ‘Toxic’ Environment: Survey

I've worked in a few.


Voyager 2 Bids Adieu To The Heliosphere, Entering Interstellar Space

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Ooh, free upgrade on Osada. Not sure what I did to deserve it, but very welcome! Huzzah!


Novel nano-gel promises to help kill leftover cancer cells after surgery


Spanish SUV automatically brakes for bikes


The creator of 'Doom' is releasing nine new levels for free in 2019

Apparently it's Green Monday today - whatever that means.

Or gan green Monday.

Buy a tree!
How about "plant a tree"?


No problem. Thanks for looking.

and my avatar is back - yay!


Malicious sites abuse 11-year-old Firefox bug that Mozilla failed to fix | ZDNet

This happens over and over and over. There was a known Excel bug that Microsoft intentionally did not fix for more than 12 years because so much other code depended on it being broken and nobody wanted to patch the affected code.

Hope This Brightens Up Your Day!

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You need some WD40 on that mate....


As a butterfly farmer, this troubles me. I've witnessed the decline first hand. This year was by far the worst for me.

#monarchbutterflies #monarchs #nature #butterflies

All I can say is I'm glad is was a dream. *Whew*

Ok this is pretty badass - Nextcloud app is calling for testers to integrate it into the Fediverse 😁

Just started getting into Counterpart. So good!

We are completely hooked!

Awesome. We're going to try to wait out season 2 so we can binge it! It will drive me crazy otherwise! LOL

I know it's probably #blasphemy to say this, but I do prefer how YT #videos render in #Diaspora rather than the "thumbnail" view in #Friendica.
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Youtube video can render in Friendica posts, it all depends on the node settings (OEmbed enabled or whitelisted domain for embed)

he selectively forgot in order to resist interrogation


Buzzcocks' Pete Shelley Dies At 63


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The British singer and guitarist was one of the punk rock's first stars and perhaps its greatest songwriter.

(Image credit: David Corio/Getty Images)

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It's alive!
Congratulation on getting it launched.

*Taptap* is this thing on?

Be vewy, veewy quiet!

(whispering) we don't want to fwighten any wabbits!

So, serious questions need to be asked.
Is it time to make more #Kombucha?

@Joltrast I guess it depends on your rate of consumption! 😁

I wouldn't recommend drinking out of either of those containers until there's a fresh batch in there. It would be like drinking neat vinegar! LOL

I didn't know it lived that long, although I guess in some sense it's immortal.

It can live indefinitely providing it has enough food and doesn't become susceptible to mold.
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When And Where Fruit Flies First Bugged Humans


#news #npr #publicradio #usa


Drosophila melanogaster is a mainstay of genetics labs, but its wild origins have been mysterious. Scientists have now traced the pesky fly to a particular fruit — a human favorite 10,000 years ago.

(Image credit: Courtesy of Marcus Stensmyr)

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@Joltrast !SocialMatrix Support I'm sorry to make you a guinea pig, the gif you mentioned does seem to be some issue. Is this the only thing you're seeing as a problem currently? This node is on a lower powered VPS, I'm really surprised if it could only handle two users, or one for that matter.
So weird. I never got pinged yesterday. I just happened to find this by accident on the support channel page.

I've really not been keeping an eye on this today, but I will keep a look out this week for anomolies! 😀