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As a CGI artist myself I am in awe at the realism, texturing and amount of polygons that went into Imma.


Japanese Virtual Model Looks Just Like a Real-Life Girl

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Thanks for resharing this fascinating article. I don't pretend to understand how they did it but am blown away by the realism achieved

Yes, there's a lot of calculations and computer power involved. 😀

Well I can sort of relate to that because I'm a retired theatrical lighting designer and when I first started learning my craft there were no computers involved and now it's all done by computers at least the science aspects of it (lens apertures and throw distances etcetera though the artistic elements are still done old school) also I'm a retired U.S. Navy submarine navigator and learned navigation old school by shooting the stars with a sextant and now is all done by computers. Having said that I still am amazed at the skills involved in doing CGI. Kudos and Brava to you for being skilled at that.

@Joltrast Care to share your portfolio? 😃 I enjoy art, especially CGI.

@Steve A. My website is horribly out of date. You can check that out at .com and I'm also on dA