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Something I really like about #Friendica (and by extension this probably works on #Hubzilla and #Osada too).

EDIT: Doesn't currently work on Osada. No idea what their roadmap is.

The ability to follow external tags and feeds.

I'm able to follow blogs, #twitter feeds and #mastodon tags and I'm just scratching the surface!
You just add them as a web address and Fca will even pull the #rss or #atom feed from the URL if it exists! Seriously, how cool is that?
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This was indeed a killer feature that made the move from Diaspora to Friendica a no-brainer for me.

There are still so much things that need to be improved, but luckily we do have a team of good people who invest their spare time to make Friendica better and better.

It was a compliment, Michael, not a feature request!

The only thing that's a bit annoying at the moment is stuff like this, which I'm assuming is a limitation of the feed?

Maybe you need to set 'Fetch further information for feeds' to 'Fetch information' in the Contact Settings of that feed contact.

Thanks @Steffen K9 🐰 I wasn't aware I could do that.

It was a great idea, but doesn't seem to have changed much if anything.

It only chänges something for new feed items. And it doesn't always help.

Worth a try. Thanks for pointing the option out!
Seems to be working for some of those feeds!
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I'm missing some comments (again), so I don't know if anybody already mentioned that, but on Hubzilla this feature needs to be enabled by the admin, and it says "Heavy system resource usage" underneath :wink:

@Steffen K9 🐰 was able to fix by suggesting I turn on "Fetch further information" in the contact settings for those feeds.

Yep. I don't see my comments from Friendica here on Hubzilla.

That's so weird

I don't see your comments in this thread up until this one.

If i use the "link to originalpost" i also see some more comments than on my node. I miss the comments from @Hyp🌧lite Pe☂ov🍃n (he/him)

And i miss the comments from friendica @Steffen K9 🐰 and hubzilla @Steffen K9 🐙.

Propagation of comments via ActivityPub seems pretty much inherently broken. I mean - even if we're talking purely within Friendica pods or purely within Hubzilla pods it's not very good.

See the "X-follows-Y" problem discussed here:

No, the propagation of comments is normally very reliable. This also is true for AP, especially for AP. When the server that @Joltrast is using had already moved to AP, there wouldn't be any problem at all, since comment delivery is done to all persons who already participated in the thread.

The argumentation in this blog post doesn't reflect the "real life" scenario. AP does know two different kinds of comment delivery: By the commenting person or by the thread starter. Not every implementation does both - but Friendica does. We are always distributing our comments to our followers and everyone in the thread, as well to the thread starter who then will relay the comment to this person's followers. And when a comment arrives at some system, the receiver will check if the original post does exist (where this comment belongs to) and will fetch it as well. This guarantees complete threads.

I'm not sure why this that is incomplete, but this has nothing to do with AP.

i think confusion comes in when different servers run different versions of the software, and across networks that implement different permission models, like zot.

Whatever is supposed to be guaranteeing complete threads isn't. I know there are a bunch of comments on this thread which are not visible to my hubzilla account here on hub . toot . cat.

In fact, I don't see any more comments than I do from diaspora:

The only place on the Federation/Fediverse where I've seen reliable comment propagation is within pods connected via diaspora protocol.

Outside of that? I just have learned to live with the fact of disconnected conversations with not everyone seeing the same comments.

i came here knowing it was a place under construction, which is part of it's charm for me. none of the things i say or do here are so important, again, for me, that a few missed comments here and there manage to upset the fun.

these are different networks trying to figure out how to talk to each other, and the fact that it works at all, and gets better all the time, is something i enjoy. sure, isn't perfect and will probably never be. if you look for something really reliable you should probably stick to one app, like diaspora.

The Friendica node of the thread starter is on version 2018.09. That one has no AP support. There was also a bug in one of the latest Hubzilla versions. So, the situation is comlicated.

I see incomplete threads on Hubzilla from time to time. But like I said it depends on the version of Hubzilla. The issue was found and fixed. And I don't see the problem anymore when an up-to-date Hubzilla has started a thread.
On Friendica the threads are complete most of the time. This one seems to be an exception to that rule. 😀

I believe I'm on the latest stable. I have the option of pushing for the rc, but have decided to wait until it's released. If I need to see anything missing (which I don't believe I am in this thread) I can switch over to another instance running the rc.

How do you add an hashtag? Can add RSS's and any webpage but not hashtags. Maybe Hubzilla does not support them...