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Hello !Friendica Support,

the event calendar is gone. Friendica 2019.03-dev - 1302


#friendica #calendar


PHP Notice

Hello !Friendica Support

since the last git pull this PHP Notice appears in my php error log.
PHP Notice: Undefined property: Friendica\App::$performance in /addon/rendertime/rendertime.php on line 28

#friendica #php

Thanks a lot. I was able to achieve what I wanted. Now I have to write a blog post to test it, probably about #friendica. 😀

@softmetz I am also very interested by response and info to this use of #Friendica with #rss, #Atom, #feed


Posting RSS/Atom feed into own feed

!Friendica Support

When I used #friendica for the last time I had a script, that posted my RSS feed into my profile's feed.

Now I added my atom feed to my network and can even repost the entries.

But is there a suggested way to have the entries posted into my personal feed?

!Friendica Support

I get
Installing dependencies from lock file
Warning: The lock file is not up to date with the latest changes in composer.json. You may be getting outdated dependencies. Run update to update them.
when I run my usual update. Do I need to do anything or is this anything to worry about?


Yes, but what ever causes this, wont be executed (if it was a worker).

Get some tea and join a support chat (XMPP might have the most members online, but IRC and Matrix are also available).

XMPP/Jabber MUC: support(at)
IRC: #friendica at
Matrix: #friendica at


Check out our new comment box!

A new shiny comment box has been introduced in Friendica's develop branch. Check it out!
Many thanks to @Hypolite Petovan for this great improvement. ♥️

Comment box collapsed:


Comment box with preview:


If the collapsed comment box doesn't expand when you place the cursor in it, refresh/clear your browser cache, please.

Have fun! 😁

#friendica #develop @Libranet Support

@wurstaufbrot Bienvenue @drikc7 Je suis également intéressé par la démocratie coopérative autrement appelée #anarchie et j'ai été, autrefois, bibliophile. Pour la mystique je suis curieux de voir ce que tu posteras.
Un salut depuis #Friendica dans le Fediverse Image/Photo

@dcleverley Hello @Summer from another #GPlusRefugee now talking to you here from #Friendica in the Fediverse. Maybe you should start by publishing your interests as a list of tags. Welcome and have a lot of fun.

#Friendica #Backup

I now do more frequent mariabackup --compress --backup --target-dir /var/backup/mariabackup --databases=friendica instead of mysqldump as before. After this I do a full backup with #borgbackup and then I delete the mariabackup output again.

All works fine so far, a test to restore the backup is still outstanding and will be done soon.

!Friendica Admins

!Friendica Admins

Do you guys greet new users on your server? I do with this message:

Hallo xyz,

willkommen auf meinem #Friendica Server, bei Fragen melde dich einfach bei mir (hier oder via @utzer ).

Am Anfang ist es gut einen ersten Beitrag zu verfassen, mit dem Hashtag "neuhier", also #neuhier in der Nachricht, dazu noch ein kleiner Text, also zum Beispiel so:
Hallo ich bin #neuhier und interessiere mich für #Natur, #Kunst, #Katzen und gehe gerne #wandern.

Dieser Beitrag wird dann, sofern als öffentlicher Beitrag erstellt, auch an andere Server verteilt, über die Hashtags finden andere Nutzer mit gleichen Interessen den Beitrag. So lernst Du neue Menschen kennen und es kommt ein bisschen Aktivität in die eigene Timeline. Grundsätzli
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Dear everybody reading this,

we are at the verge of going into the last phase before the next release of ~friendica ~friendica. If you happen to speak English and a second language and furthermore feel qualified enough to tra
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Dear everybody reading this,

we are at the verge of going into the last phase before the next release of ~friendica ~friendica. If you happen to speak English and a second language and furthermore feel qualified enough to tra
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Dear everybody reading this,

we are at the verge of going into the last phase before the next release of ~friendica ~friendica. If you happen to speak English and a second language and furthermore feel qualified enough to tra
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Melde gehorsamst ein erfolgreiches Update auf
Friendica 'The Tazmans Flax-lily' 2019.03-dev - 1302
. Weiter machen ...... 😁 😉

#Friendica @Friendica Support

Three weeks ago I wrote a guide about FLOSS tools to create a forum or community. I updated this original post a fair bit and published it on my blog. I added lots of links to the source code and example websites of forums. I also expanded on most of the alternatives. Lastly I added Discourse as an option.

#Forum #Community #FLOSS #Osada #Friendica #Movim #Mastodon #Flarum #NodeBB #Discourse
FLOSS tools to create a forum or community

♲ Montag (
Damit alle, die #neuhier sind auch mal etwas in ihrem Stream zu sehen bekommen, ist hier mal eine Übersicht über "offizielle" Präsenzen von Institutionen, Bloggern usw. im #
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♲ Montag (
Damit alle, die #neuhier sind auch mal etwas in ihrem Stream zu sehen bekommen, ist hier mal eine Übersicht über "offizielle" Präsenzen von Institutionen, Bloggern usw. im #fediverse. Das soll jetzt mal keine Liste mit gespiegelten Newsfeeds sein, sondern wirklich aktive Konten.

Die Liste ist hoffentlich nicht vollständig und kann gerne in den Kommentaren erweitert werden. Alle, die hier in der Liste auftauchen, sind auch mehr oder weniger aktiv. Ich werde diese Liste auch regelmäßig aktualisieren.

Es wäre natürlich toll, wenn möglichst viele diesen Konten folgen, damit die verantwortlichen Redakteure usw. sehen, das es Sinn macht, auch hier ein Konto zu haben und nicht nur eine Handvoll Nerds damit bespielt werden.

Zum Folgen dieser Accounts einfach dem Link folgen und
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@dthiery Welcome in the Fediverse from #Friendica :Image/Photo

Friendica Federation/Fediverse Statistic

Momentan kennt dieser Knoten 4.226 Knoten mit insgesamt 2.558.623 registrierten Nutzern, die die folgenden Plattformen verwenden:

#Friendica (375/14255)
#diaspora (305/672293)
#red (8/92)
#hubzilla (255/6495)
#GNU Social (142/13119)
#StatusNet (9/81)
#Mastodon (2704/1829557)
#Pleroma (421/21609)
#socialhome (4/906)
#ganggo (3/216)

#Federation #Statistic #Fediverse #WeAreFamily #JoinFediverse


PHP Warnings

Hello !Friendica Support

this warnings appears in my php error log since the last git pull.
PHP Warning:  A non-numeric value encountered in /src/Core/Worker.php on line 726
PHP Warning:  Division by zero in /src/Core/Worker.php on line 726

#friendica #php

Ich werde in wenigen Minuten den Wartungsmodus auf aktivieren. Der Plan ist, auf den Entwicklungszweig zu wechseln. Es gibt einige Bugfixes in 'develop'. Die Ausfallzeit wird sich also lohnen.
#friendica #libranet

I will activate the maintenance mode on in a few minutes. The plan is to switch to the development branch. There are some bugfixes in 'develop'. So the downtime will be worth it.
#friendica #libranet

!Libranet Support

In #Friendica on IRC I got some support:

<utzer> Anyone can help me to remove a contact that I manage, I had originally set the same email and password for this account and I thought that was the reason why I could manage it. 
<utzer> Now I changed the email address but I can still manage the account. There is no delegation for both of these accounts.
<utzer> do I have to change the password for the "disconnection" to happen?
<jeroened[m]> So, you have access to the account and you want to hand it over to someone else?
<utzer> yes correct
<utzer> So I thought I'll just change the email to the persons email and then she can use the password retrieval function. 
<utzer> I made a post about this as well.
<jeroened[m]> And both users are on your node? Meaning that you can check the database if neccesary?
<utzer> yes
<jeroened[m]> Ca
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I set up an account to be available via "manage" (verwalten) in #Friendica, now I wanted to separate that account again, so I changed its email address and checked there is no delegation, but still I can see it in /manage.
What is the reason?

!Friendica Support


An internal server error occurred

Hello !Friendica Support,
i write this from my test account on, because since the last git pull my friendica node did not work correct anymore. If i try to reach the /network, the /profile/montag and /community/global sites, nothing happen for two or three minutes and than this note appears:
An internal server error occurred. Please try again later.

The other sites (/admin /settings /contact /community) are reachable.

Friendica 2019.03-dev - 1301, PHP 7.2.13, MariaDB


Since I've been asked recently, I've taken the time to label a bunch of #Friendica issues as a good entry points for would-be first time contributors. Feel free to ask any question to @Friendica Developers as well.
#OpenSource #FOSS

!Friendica Admins
I'm about to configure fail2ban for Friendica and just wondering if the instructions in the documentation are still valid for the latest dev? I believe that the log that catches authentication failures is now the Warning log, but are the filters still correct?

#friendica #fail2ban

!Friendica Support

I get this #MariaDB / #MySQL faults in the applications log:
mysqld[446]: 2019-02-07 12:12:30 65844 [Warning]Aborted connection 65844 to db: 'friendica' user: 'friendica' host: 'localhost' (Got an error writing communication packets)

I would like to find out the reason for this warning and found that it is one of this possibilities:
In this case, MySQL increments the status counter for Aborted_clients, which could mean:

The client connected successfully but terminated improperly (and may relate to not closing the connection properly)
The client slept for longer than the defined wait_timeout or interactive_timeout seconds (which ends up causing the connection to sleep for wait_timeout seconds and then the connection gets forcibly closed by the MySQL server)
The client terminated abnormally or exceeded the max_allowed_packet for queries

According to:

Does #Friendica write anything in the log and if so, how can I find these snipplets?

!Friendica Admins
Just wondering if anyone can tell me how I'd specify a socket connection rather than TCP port in local.config for both MySQL and Redis?

#friendica #socket

If I try to access a profile I get this information in the top right (Frio theme) and no posts show up.
Der Zugriff zu diesem Profil wurde eingeschränkt.
"It reads the access to this profile was restricted."

I am sorry to ask this again (at least I think it was discussed lately), but is that a necessary preset because of DSGVO in EU? Can I change that setting so profiles are public be default?

I have a feeling that many people post into a void, a void created by a default setting that will not publish the posts and their profiles. I am pro data protection, but it seems not to work like this, so it somehow feels we have to change something.
Maybe inform the user so (s)he can opt in and understands why it makes sense?

Is my assumption incorrect and the setting is not a preset or not necessary due to DSGVO?

All this settings are so complicated. 🙁

@Friendica Support @Friendica Admins

Any of the !Friendica Admins using this:
mariabackup --compress --backup --target-dir /var/backup --databases=friendica

It worked pretty well for the backup part, but I did not test to restore.

Anyone using this?

#Friendica #Backup #MariaDB #Linux

@trashHeap It's possible that Mastodon posts are shown differently in the UI and in the API I assume Tootstream is fetching from. In #Friendica the shortened URL form is cached in the post itself so it will be the same output in the #Friendica UI, in the API, and in the outward-going messages to remote servers, including Mastodon.


Friendica Directory: Version 2.2 released

Hi !Friendica Admins,

the new release version of the new #Friendica directory just got published. It is an important milestone because it marks the official retirement of the old #Friendica directory.

As of now, Friendica's official directory at is running on the new version, and all directory admins are encouraged to install the new version. There is no migration steps provided between the old directory and the new one, but you should be able to seed your directory using the following console commands:
bin/console directory-add
bin/console server-add
bin/console profile-add

Based on your current directory/server/profile poll lists.

Please report any issue on the GitHub issue tracker for the friendica directory project.


Message on Google+:
"Your Google+ account will be deleted on April 2, 2019."

And so it begins...


#google #gplus #shutdown #friendica

In this post we found that a spam comment was not deleted on the #Diaspora end. Shouldn't deletions be federated to Diaspora and other #Friendica accounts?

@[F*] Frank Dapor #podmin @Friendica Support

This is an old debate I brought up a while ago. I strongly feel that the server in question should not be included in the stats as it renders the stats useless. While I agree that stats isn't everything and even after removing the server, they are to be taken with a grian of salt, I still feel that that argument doesn't result in the conclusion to keep that server in the stats. Quite the opposite. But after the old debate I gave up hope that that would happen.

I do not feel the maintainer of that server is punished if excluded from the stats.

I found the stats to be very interesting but stopped looking at them at all due to this problem.

The argument @utzer makes sounds valid, to better inform node operators and users about the stats and consequences of opting to show or not show in stats.

#friendica #stats #spraci #federation

!Friendica Admins
Quick question... is there any way to config Redis to cache if my Redis is password protected? I know that Nextcloud supports this but not sure about Friendica. The only option I can find is port number.
#friendica #redis

I think I will start to have a look to the #gnusocial api, that will also allow #friendica accounts to use the app.
I have no ideas how long it could take and if I will succeed. I just want to give it a try.

@Friendica Support

Any US-based #Friendica developer would like to apply for an Open-Source grant by Sentry? via @Sean Tilley

Hallo !Friendica Support ich schreibe hier von meinem "Backup Konto" aus weil ich mit meinem eigentlich Konto auf meiner Instanz nicht mehr in das Forum schreiben kann. Ich habe bereits einen "normalen" Post erstellt und @Michael Vogel erwähnt aber dann ist mir eingefallen, dass ich ja über diesen Weg im Forum schreiben kann.

Hier mein Problem, ich zitiere aus dem o.g. Beitrag (

Hallo @Michael Vogel wie bereits woanders erwähnt, kann ich mit "!" nicht mehr im Support Forum schreiben. D.h. ich kann zwar eine Beitrag schreiben aber im Forum wird dieser nicht angezeigt. Siehe z.b. dieser Post:
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Hey, #Friendica ~~administrators~~, sorry, Friendica nodelords. 👍

If your node is public (and especially if it has open registrations), can you please check if you've configured your node properly to publish server information? That will help adding your node to stats hubs like where new users will find and join it.

// cc to whom it may concern ->

#Photo post from #Friendica appears tiny box on #Tusky , an #Android client for #Mastodon

This is case for some on Pleroma Web.

Would support team or any one help me clear this ?

@Friendica Support Image/Photo


Buffer has removed support for Google+

#Buffer has removed support for Google+ or #Google has closed the API as announced. I don't know. All traces of #GPlus have vanished from the Buffer settings page. Long story short - you cannot post to Google+ via Friendica's Buffer add-on anymore. Full stop.

#friendica @Libranet Support @Friendica Admins


Mehr Followerpower!

Teilen oder Weitersagen kann zwei Zwecken dienen. Oft möchte man einfach nur einen Post verbreiten, ein schönes Bild vielleicht. Das funktioniert immer tadellos.

Manchmal hat aber jemand eine spezielle Frage und sucht nach einer Antwort. Wir sind eine große Community und das Wissen ist vielfältig, aber man hat nicht unbedingt einen Kontakt, der die Fr
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