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Blinkenstuff. #35c3 #ccc #led #mywork (CC BY-SA 2.0)

My day job is working with LED drivers: tiny bits of silicon that control how brightly an LED shines. I've been a test engineer and right now I'm a silicon validation engineer. One of my side projects is fixing up my vintage car, which is really small and painted matte black. The previous owner bolted trailer lights to the side of the car to make it a bit more visible. They look terrible. I'm refurbishing it with the original side markers, only with much brighter lighting. Here are three lights, two (left) red ones and one (right) amber one. The one on the far left is my own circuit board, blasting through two LED's. The two in the middle and right are commercial LED lights, and on the right is the circuit board I designed, with a tiny switching buck regulator (for which I was the test engineer) and a couple of red LED's. My phone camera doesn't have the dynamic resolution to capture stuff this bright. My driver is approximately an order of magnitude brighter than the commercial bulbs. (They have five LED's, one of which points outwards. If I build some tiny polished cones to sit aro... Show more...